Short Sale Updates

Northstead DrPending Short Lender ApprovalLoan CareBack on market, flakey buyer did not deposit funds. Ready for offer 9/28/17. Offer accepted 10/11/17. Paperwork and package submitted to lender 10/13/17. Neg assigned 11/3/17. Requested update 11/12. told to call back in a week. Req updated 11/20, file is in review, might have a response early December.
Monteverde DrActive Short ContingentSLSOn market 5/12/17. Offer accepted 5/19/17. SLS has package, sending updated financials 5/20. In contact with other lien holders to release liens, some of which have been already paid off or discharged. Buyer flaked 5/21. Back on market. Offer accepted 6/20/17. Gathering updated financials for bank. 7.12.17 File transfer from loan mod to short sale was supposed to be today but did not happen. 2nd showing indication it will issue recon. All documents are received and verified. Also, value is in at $970K. No indication of counter. We will f/up on a 7/14. WF sent lien release. SLS reviewing our objections to price. Letter, CMA and invoice submitted 8/8/17. Status changed 8/11 to Active Short Contingent. Accepting offers now. 8/18 changed to Active Short Sale as existing buyer canceled. 9.1.17 bank wants "closer to 945K". Changing MLS price 9.5.17. Offer received 11/12/17. Sent w/ repair invoices to bank 11/13/17. Uploaded updated financials 11/16. New price per bank $880K on 11/20/17.